Consultation Call


Legal and tax matters are highly personal in that what is best or appropriate is dependent on facts specific to you.

How would you feel about working one-on-one with an experienced attorney who is also a yoga teacher?

This offer is perfect for you if you are serious about growing a business you love, but you need an attorney's help to do it in a way that protects you, supports you, and sets you on the path to a long-term success.

The consultation includes:

  • 60 minutes of one-on-one consultation time focused on your business.

  • Via Zoom either from your computer or mobile (video or audio).

  • Notes from our conversation emailed to you after the call.

Private Consultation Fee: $175 USD*

* In the US, this expense is deductible on your tax return. “Fees charged by accountants and attorneys that are ordinary and necessary expenses directly related to operating your business are deductible as business expenses." - IRS Pub 535.

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