You love what you do because it lights you up, inspires you, and really fuels you.

But do you have all the legal pieces you need for a sustainable, successful business?

Both as an attorney and a yoga teacher with a strong passion for wellness and creativity, my goal is to help you create and grow a sustainable business so you can continue to share your light.

Here are my offerings for you.

12-Step Checklist

Free Actionable guide

After interviewing yoga teachers and yoga studio owners, I put together this 12-step checklist as an actionable guide to help you assess the legal and tax wellness of your yoga business.

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Tax Deductions for Yoga Teachers: eBook!

Tax Year 2018

The updated eBook for tax year 2018 will be published and available for purchase very soon in February.

Until then, you can participate in the discounted pre-sale where you will receive the current eBook for general guidance now and the updated version via email later.

Tax Deductions for Yoga Teachers

FREE Bullet List

In the meantime, here is a quick bullet list of the most common tax write offs for yoga teachers. This is the free version without additional details but you can use it to start (or finalize) organizing your record!

Consultation Call

Work directly with me, especially to get more relevant information specific to your business.

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