Tax Deductions for Yoga Teachers: eBook

Tax Deductions for Yoga Teachers: eBook


This book is written specifically for you, yoga teachers, so you can maximize the tax deductions you are legally entitled to when calculating your business profit and the taxes you owe.

Written by a tax attorney who is also a yoga teacher, based on the tax laws of the United States.

You will get helpful information to file your own tax returns with confidence!  If you are working with a tax preparer, you will gain clarity on what information to organize and submit for preparation.


The new version includes additional information on tax year 2018 (resulting from the Tax Act 2017, also known as the recent tax reform), LLCs, and the cost of goods sold (COGS).

Also, I added “where do I deduct this?” for each deduction item to clearly indicate which category to use on the tax return. After all, there are no specified category for business deductions called “YTT” or “education”.  This way, you can confidently know where to include each deduction. Yay!

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